Conversations Between Q & B During Quarantine: Week 3

Quitter believes she has the simple, straight forward answer to apocalypse survival but pushes it one step too far with her indecent proposal

QUITTER: Good news, I’m pretty sure I’ve come up with a skill to make me “valuable,” during an apocalypse.

BOSSY: Please tell me it involves bartering.

QUITTER: Poop, why didn’t I think of that?  Too late, I’m already committed.  I’m making a costume.

BOSSY: And this costume is giving you what apocalyptic value?

QUITTER: Oh Bossy, Bossy, Bossy…clearly you’ll need my guidance to make it through this and any future apocalypseses…apocali?  A costume is the cornerstone of any good plan.  Have you never seen Bosom Buddies?

BOSSY: I have not.  I would assume it will teach me what costume I need and why….?  Is it like an apocalypse documentary about costuming?  And full disclosure, as I revealed here, me and mascots don’t do well so if that’s a part of my survival, I’m fuckered.

QUITTER: OMG, please use this pandemic time to catch up on your 80’s sitcom viewing.  And I may have to rethink my plan based on your mascot comment.  How are you’re cheese making skills?  Do you think you could milk a rat if it came to it?

BOSSY: Do I want to milk a rat is the more accurate question and the answer is…I’m torn.

QUITTER: And that response is why you just might make it…even contemplating milking a rat tells me you’ve got “the eye of the tiger,” needed to survive just about anything.  I’ve never been so proud.

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