Conversations Between Q & B During Quarantine: Week 2

Hard cleaning math, bra optional living, and what one needs to know to be titled “friend”.

BOSSY: I’m trying to do the math on how long we will need to be in isolation before my house is actually clean and organized.  I has taken us 4 Saturday’s (and counting) just to tackle the kids rooms.  I have calculated we have 17 more room/spaces that will need the same.  If they each take 5 Saturdays, I will require 85 Saturdays to get my house organized the way I would like.  This will take me 21 months, meaning we will need to be in isolation until approximately January 2022…I don’t know how to feel about that.

QUITTER: Sign me up, not to get organized during that time period, just to socially isolate.  Week 5 and I haven’t worn grownup pants or a bra yet.  I’m taking free boobin’ in it to a new level

BOSSY: I appreciate your support of a 21 month social isolation period in order for me to clean my house the way a normal person likely could do it just in a weekend but I worry about what your life will look like after that long.  I mean, I am going to be screaming “Free Boobin’ It” to all strangers as I keep 2 meters from them on the sidewalk, but…

QUITTER: OMG, please wear a head cam when you scream “Free Boobin’ It!” to random people on the street.  I NEED to see the reactions.  Oh and quick question – is a Wookie costume with melted cheese on it appropriate work from home wear? Asking for a friend.

BOSSY: That’s a lot of pressure.  You know I like to look at my feet when I’m screaming.  Re: Wookie. If you’re now costuming for work calls, I need to up my game. Melted cheese type, please?

QUITTER: Gouda…do you even know me any more?

BOSSY: We’re in the upside down now.  I assume nothing.

QUITTER: Nothing excuses you from forgetting my cheese preferences.  Pfff! So is drinking wine from a plastic super gulp mug socially acceptable now?

BOSSY: If it is being fully used – yes.  And if it is bubbly wine, which I know is your favourite…as I try to redeem myself from the cheese mishap.

QUITTER: LOL, based on your misspelling here I suspect you might already be into the “bubbly,” wine.  But apology accepted (Quitter said between slurps of bubbly wine from her Big Gulp cup.)

BOSSY: Wait! What misspelling!? Seriously I have no idea.  And I wish I could excuse it with drinking but it’s cuz I’m groggy from a nap.

QUITTER: How dare you rub your nap in my face!

BOSSY: Isn’t it Sunday?

QUITTER: It’s Blurmsday, Bossy.  Blursmday.

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