A Day in the Life Of Quitter…

…working From Home

8:30am –  Run down to my home office in questionable attire to start my day with a conference call. Notice the lack of enthusiasm on my face. The cloudy picture is representative of my mental state.

9:30am – The hunt for food begins, starting with my partner’s giant bag of mini eggs that he refuses to open. The second picture depicts his reaction if I dare open them. What’s the point of chocolate if you don’t eat it?

10:30am – Break time. I read that fitting in micro fitness breaks is a good way to keep your health in check during this time of social distancing and working from home. After staring at my dumb bells for 30 seconds I opt to eat cheese.

11am – The distraction dance begins. There is a lot I should be doing….but somehow learning “Eye of the Tiger,” on my ukulele seems most pressing.

12pm – Lunch. Why I am so hungry? I have literally walked 20 steps according to my fitbit. It’s gotta be the mental energy. Ya, that’s it. I’m killing it brain wise.

1:30pm – Me so sleepy. Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to set up my home office in the guest bedroom where a giant, comfy bed keeps taunting me.

2:30pm – Time to get shit done. I am all kinds of behind. Why did I take that nap? Maybe if I type super fast I can get ahead. Oh who am I kidding? I’ll easily have to work until 6pm now. Damn you bed!

5:45pm – Clocking out. My afternoon nap played in my favour. (When has a nap ever steered anyone wrong?) Sensing my incredible work ethic, my partner takes the reigns on dinner and I am beckoned to this incredible feast. Score! (Maybe this whole working from home thing isn’t such a bad gig after all.)



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