What You Hear When You Travel With 40 Year Olds

In case you are compiling middle-aged facts…

”We need to rave. It will involve pyjamas and everyone out by 9. But we ravin’!”

“I think the waiter just said the wine he recommended will smell funky but that’s normal. I’m going to lean into it.”

”Good jacket. Good boots. Good hair. Good shades. Best friends.”

”Crepe skin.”

”I really don’t approve of this small green writing. Do they have salad here?”

”Sweater vests really are key. No one wants a chilly kidney.”

”That’s night gas.”

”If Macklemore can be believed, the ceiling can’t hold us.”

”You just need compression socks.”

”Who is this Flo-Rida? I don’t know that fellow.”


”You’re Spanky McGee now? Times have changed.”

”Of course we were home by 9:30. It was cold.”

”I have no recollection of meeting any of you.”

“Did I tell you about my ear injury?”

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