The Band is Back Together

Things about to get all kinds of cray, cray here at Q & B. (Wait…did we even use that right? Young people speak is hard.) Tip Tip is in the house! (aka one of Quitter and Bossy’s oldest and dearests college friends.)

To quote the oh so wise lyrical stylings of Cool and the Gang it is time to “Celebrate Good Times,” because Q & B are spending some much needed quality time with one of their oldest friends from school, “Tip Tip.”

Yup, there’s nothing like a good ol’ stroll down memory lane to make you laugh, cringe and face just how old you’ve become. Here are the Coles Notes. (And if you don’t know what Coles Note are you are way too young to be reading this blog.)

First impressions?

Tip Tip: Bossy when we met in first year what stood out for me most was your laugh. It was maniacal and crazy and made me feel like I wanted to be your friend. Looking back it is one of the only memories I actually have from first year. Quitter we met in second year and it was your style that pulled me in. You were stupid funny and I felt like if I just stood close enough to you, you might let me be your friend.

Bossy: I disliked Quitter. I already let this be known. Tip Tip was what I knew I wanted in a friend: weird, hilarious and utterly disinterested in societal expectations.

Quitter: Tip Tip, what I remember most about you was that you were up for F-U-N and could quote Kids in the Hall. “Gavin, I’m on the phone.”

Favourite college memory?

Tip Tip: Bossy, it had to be working on our first big TV project together at school – Saint Squad. Our cringe worthy homage to Charlie’s Angels. The cardboard car was the best. Quitter, driving around in your shit box of a car, listening to Eddie Izzard and putting on fake British accents is hands down one of my fav memories. “Oy fattie, bring me a snickers!” Comedy gold.

Bossy: Does off campus drinking count? 1st year it was doing music videos to ridiculous songs from the 70s and Tip Tip “shadow kissing” my now husband. With Quitter, it was pulling an all nighter and at 4am deciding the answer was to Frankenstein a bunch of gummy bears and use them for world domination.

Quitter: How can I not bring our amazing hillbilly, soap opera “The Poor and the Toothless.” The blacked out teeth, the overalls, the cousin references. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard.

Where did you think you were headed after college?

Tip Tip: I thought I was going to be an editor. At least I hoped I would. And I did for a while. It wasn’t what I expected at all. I got hired by a small company to edit government and sport videos. It was creative death.

Bossy: I actually didn’t know. I was slutty for a job. Any TV job. Without classifiable slutting.

Quitter: I thought I’d either end up making documentaries or in kid’s television. Instead I got a job with an Internet start up company and got paid to travel Europe and record it. It was awesome and crazy. And then I fell into the abyss that is working for government for 16 years.

Twenty years later, what’s new?

Tip Tip: Life took me on lots of unexpected twists and turns that eventually landed me in BC. Now I work as a buyer for a global cosmetics company. I look like a total grown up on paper but…imposter’s syndrome be real. Sure I own a home, have a husband but I still feel like I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, but getting carded at the liquor store lessens the blow. LOL.

Bossy: I had an awesome TV gig, then I stepped away from TV now I’m back in doing a job I dig cuz I get to write so much. Would like to balance it out with work that does societal do good but haven’t figured it out yet.

Quitter: So my dreams of changing the world through making documentaries about people living on the margins didn’t quite work out. But I feel like I landed where I’m meant to be. Social work and counseling feel like the right fit for me.

Where do you think we’ll be in another 20 years?

Tip Tip: Quitter I expect you to be impersonating Randy Bachman and speaking at business conferences. Bossy, you will be the Mega-Lord of your local Elections Canada polling station.

Bossy: Tip Tip – I expect you to have opened a sea faring pug rescue boat. Quitter – You will own llamas. The rest is a blur.

Quitter: Tip Tip, you were born to dance, you just don’t know it yet. I expect you’ll be plying your trade on the street shimmying for shiny nickels. Bossy, you’ll finally go full eco-warrior and give up pants in the name of mother earth and start a cult known as the “Almost Nearly Nudes.”















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