A Letter of Apology From Quitter and Bossy

We dropped the ball this week…and we’re sorry.We’re sorry.

We’re sorry we did not meet our commitment and make our Monday morning post deadline. Monday was a holiday. Quitter was a full 24 hours behind when Bossy said she’d get to writing at 10pm Sunday night so we gave up. We’re middle-aged and get easily confused.

We’re sorry we end up doing these posts last minute because our jobs/husbands/dogs/volunteer gigs get in the way. We keep saying we’ll work on prioritizing, but that never happens so…

We’re sorry we’re perpetuating the stereotype of apologizing Canadians. But Canadian stereotypes aren’t really all that bad so we’ve decided to lean in. (Except for the one about us sleeping with moose. Have you ever smelled a moose?)

And now onto outstanding apologies:

We’re sorry our final project in college was a hillbilly soap opera called “The Poor and the Toothless.” It was in poor taste, prejudicial and utterly useless for our demo reels. (But damn it was funny.)

We’re sorry we gave New Brunswick such a hard time in 2001. We’re sure your province is great (no but really…is it?).

We’re sorry we drank so much wine, smoked so many cigarettes and sang so loudly we disturbed Kerky’s neighbours all those years ago. Quitter still has no recollection of that night, but Bossy has told her she should have big regrets.

We’re sorry we robbed the market of so many dill pickle chips in 2008. We were stress eating. It’s valid.

We’re sorry to the Spice Girls for doing such a horrible impersonation of their pop anthem “Spice Up Your Life.” Unacceptable.

And we’re sorry to you, our five or six loyal readers, for losing track of time and not delivering. We promise we’ll do better next time.

Oh who are we kidding? We’re bound to do this again. Sorry.




Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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