Bossy’s Dreams to Analyze

This was the WRONG week to be asking about my dreams.

Quitter suggested we analyze the deeper meaning behind each other’s dreams.  Why that is a fabulous idea is because I’m so sleep deprived this week because of this, I know I’m having epic fucked up dreams that would make for wicked analysis. Except, I’m so sleep deprived that I can remember my dream for the first 5 minutes I am awake, then they are gone.

So for this week, I present to Quitter two recurring dreams that I have.

  1. Public nudity.
  2. We’ve bought a new house. It is endless.  Every time my husband and I think we have seen every room, we discover a new one.

Alright Quitter.  Get answering what those beasts are about.  No internet cheating allowed.

Quitter’s Super Smart Dream Analysis

  1. Public Nudity

Well this one is all kinds of obvious – you want to get your junk out in public. I mean you did go through that whole “Bossy for a Pant Free Nation,” phase, which I wholeheartedly supported by the way. Even when people were like “for the love of god put your pants back on, you’re in a grocery store,” I stood right beside yelling “her butt has a right to swing free.”

So it’s that or that you’re a deeply troubled sexual deviant.

  1. New House Nightmare

Now this dream really sounds messed up. Is the house your soul Bossy? Is that it? Is your soul endless and you never stop discovering more about it/you? Because if that’s the case I’m out. That’s way to deep for me and I don’t think I’m emotionally equipped to be your friend. But if it’s something way lighter like you just need more places to store the unusual purchases your husband buys, I feel you. I too may need one of these endless room houses to accommodate the Amazon shopping monster that is my husband.

You’re welcome by the way. I’m sure you’ll rest easy tonight knowing I’m free to analyze whatever falls out of your brain.

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash


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