Dear High School Bossy

First of all – chill.  You have no reason to want to be so controlling.  You will learn the hard way how little control you actually have in your life.  Embrace it.  Less people will likely think you are anal.

People pleasing – it will remain your burden into your 40s.  Can you work on caring less?  Great.  Future self says thanks.  And yet…

Remember to please the ones that have your back.  Forget about the social climbing.  It’s all a myth and has a rapid expiry date.  Ignoring this will lead to regrets.

The people who are making your life miserable, ugh, I don’t know what to say.  Lack of self-confidence and insecurity present in stupid ways.  Remain strong.  Your strength will win out.  (PS: Your lock is now part of the concrete of a major highway, so, that’s historic.)

Calm it down with the boy craziness.  You know when you’ve entered into something shitty.  Back the hell away…expect…

The boy that you work with that you’re crazy in love with: you’ll have a bizarre, disconnected run in with his family in the future.  Very few will know of the connection.  It’s beyond weird but lean into it.

And the boy that you go to school with that you crush on:  He’ll end up on TV.  Yah, I still don’t believe it either.

And the other boy that you work with, though didn’t crush on: he’ll also reconnect in your life in a bizarre way.  You basically might want to consider leaving your city of birth if you don’t buy into the weird.

Speaking of leaving, your future will take you 500kms away from home for awhile.  Do that shit.  Don’t ever second guess it.  It is a big ass defining moment of your life and creating the Bossy you are today.  Make it happen.

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