Quitter’s Making Shit

Quitter’s fed up with trying to be a good at anything and just going with it. The results are underwhelming, but better then looking at a blank wall…okay, that’s debatable.

To start this new decade I made myself a promise – no New Year resolutions. Whether it was out of apathy or rebellion I’m not sure, but I gave myself permission to just be happy with the chaotic shit show that I am. And to a large extent I am keeping my promise. I have not started any crazy exercise regimes, I’m not trying to be nicer to anyone and swearing less and I am still almost always the last person in the room for a meeting.

But as a result something strange has happened. All that mental energy I would have been putting into pretending I was going to be a better person has found a new home and it’s an unexpected one. I’m making shit. Like creative painting stuff. It’s not good or anything. In fact some of it is beyond atrocious, but because I freed my self from the shackles of needing to be a better version of myself, my creative self has entered the picture. And imagine her saying “About fucking time.”

And now, without further ado I give you the product of my desire not to better myself…

Notice the playful swirls of colour and the intricate dot work conveying the artist’s lack of attention and limited paint selection. This picture series has been affectionately called “needed something purple for the bathroom.”

Ahh, now this one is a…something. Really squint your eyes and allow your vision to blur to appreciate it’s majesty.  This masterpiece is called ‘Got some new paints at the dollar store.”

Wow, bet this one blew the art lovin’ socks right off you. Here the artist chooses to play with her medium opting for a cheap flower pot because she was out of canvases.  This object fantastic is called “Pot 4 pot.”

And finally the piece de resistance. Notice all the dots? You may be asking yourself, good god, does this person do anything but paint dots? The answer is a resounding no. I have zero painting skills. Dots is all I gots.  This compelling eyesore that will likely end up in some unsuspecting friend’s home is name “Quitter and the Goonies.” (Insider info: I was watching Goonies while I painted it.)

Why share any of this with you? Because if you don’t look at my art who will? No, in all seriousness. I share my art in all it’s crapulence with you to encourage you to create. To let go of some crazy idea of being a better, yet somehow less authentic version of your self and just let go. Have fun. Make things. Who cares if they’re any good?

And you know what? I’m a big fat liar. Turns out I have made a New Year’s resolution after all, I just was unconsciously aware of it. It’s this. Make things. Create. Have fun. Just be.





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