(From The Archives) Twas The Night Before Bossy’s Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house…

Bossy was screaming, in the direction of her spouse.

The presents weren’t wrapped, and the baking undone,

she was trying to remember if this had ever been fun.

Her children were jumping up and down with glee,

excited for some dude that comes out of our tree (is that the entrance?).

All Bossy could do from pulling her hair,

was pull out the bottle and hide under a chair.

Her husband had answers – he would go for takeout,

But on Christmas Eve, you better be ready to drive about.

So 7 hrs later, and half past 10,

everyone had dinner, it was partially zen.

And the food coma’d children were dragged to their beds,

so Mama could once again be filled with more dread.

She hadn’t found perfection, gifts shoved in bags would due,

she’ll settle for half-assed, hope you do too.

Merry Christmas

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