Quitter vs. Bossy: Weekend Style

“Let’s get ready to ruuuumble!” It’s go time here at Q & B. Quitter up and deserted Bossy for a weekend away while Bossy did…well you’ll see.

  1. Location

Quitter: Notice the lack of clutter and pristine walls. Clearly Quitter is not in her own abode. No, she was wisked away by one of her other closest friends to a magical land called “Wakefield, Quebec,” to a quaint Air B’n’B called “Le Tortue.

Bossy: I was trapped here.  Literally trapped.

  1. View

Quitter: Isn’t it magical? Doesn’t everything look beautiful with a fresh dusting of snow on it? Isn’t the mist on the river what dreams are made of?

Bossy: Continue to be trapped in here.

  1. Food

Quitter: The official term for this dish is “heaven on a plate.” Quitter ate this beautiful meal until her pants threatened to rebel in a unflattering and revealing manner. And where did this mouth magic happen? At a beautiful little restaurant near the water filled with art and musicians nursing hangovers.

Bossy: This is my stove.  It’s 10 months old.  It died Saturday by making this bleak, robotic, beeping sound like the metallic overlords were being called. Ask what I’m getting to eat for the next 7 to 10 business days?

  1. Daytime Activities

Quitter: Can’t you just smell the serenity? Quitter could. She spent the day wandering through the forests and becoming one with the trees with only a minor case of frozen foot to contend with at the end of the day.

Bossy: I spent a lot of time staring at this.  It’s a jock. It’s not pervy, it’s just what you spend a lot of time with when you’re at an ice rink 5 times in one weekend and the jock wearer is fighting you about wearing the jock.

  1. Evening Activities

Quitter: Before you get all judgey know that this is exactly where Quitter wanted to be on her Saturday night. Making art, mixed with intermittent napping and re-watching “The Goonies,” spells F-U-N in Quitter’s books.

Bossy: I actually got to sit down long enough to realize we still have Halloween decorations up. On November 17th.

  1. Sunday Morning

Quitter: See that relaxed smile, that glow radiating from her pores? That’s the magic of being away from your loved ones all weekend right there.

Bossy: See the quantity of hair clips I’m wearing.  That’s all of them.  Literally all of them.




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