Quitter’s Halloween

Scatter some severed limbs and get ready to scream ‘cause it’s Halloween and we are all kinds of into it at the Quitter Manner of Horrors.

Halloween is kind of a big deal at my house. While some people go absolutely bonkers for Christmas and deck the halls until they barf red and green, we embrace all hallows eve. It starts with a few severed body parts strewn across our front lawn in mid October and culminates with an explosion of gravestones, disembodied heads and flying ghouls on Halloween night. We’re so committed to Fright Night that we even have our own fog machine.

But we weren’t always this creepy. In fact, up until about ten years ago we used to be snoresville in the scary department going with the run of the mill princess, unicorn or fairy costumes for our girls. Thank goodness Miss J, the quieter of our twins, let us know that she was ready to be done with all of this feel good Disney bs with a rather unsettling request.

Mom, have you ever wondered what a princess would look like if she was dead,” I remember her asking.

Not exactly what a parent expects to hear from their seven year-old daughter, but after our initial concern that she was a serial killer in the making wore off, we wholeheartedly saw the merit in her costume idea and helped her look up fake blood recipes.

It probably comes as no surprise that we got a call from the school that year, but I look back at that time fondly as the beginning of something weird and wonderful that continues to unite my daughters and I in a special way.

And, as a super fun bonus, it opened the door to some pretty awesome conversations that I doubt we would have had otherwise like, “Whose brain would get eaten first in a zombie apocalypse?” “How long did I think our bodies were in the ground before they got all wormy?” And “What happens when we die?”

Yes, you read that right. In the mist of all the Tim Burton-esque fun, I actually tackled some heavy lifting parent wise and had the “death talk.”  And we continue to talk about it, whenever they want to, because it’s not so scary to talk about death any more…that is unless we’re talking about dying at the hands of a werewolf/vampire/zombie, ‘cause that’s all kinds of scary.

Happy Halloween!






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