Bossy’s Love / Hate Relationship With Halloween

Monsters, dates, time jumping and hot dogs: all here

Love – My first date was on Halloween. “Ted”, who I had a huge crush on, sent his friend to ask me to be his trick or treating date. I gleefully said yes, the friend turned to leave and “Ted” scampered out of the bushes behind my house and ran the opposite direction. I’m not sure if I was meant to see that or not. I wore a sexually neutral costume, a homemade frog get-up, and proceeded to barely say no more than 3 words to him the whole night. L’amour.

Hate – In the early 2000s, my husband and I went to Universal Studios in Florida and near Halloween, they turn the entire park into a haunted spectacle. This was the day I solidified my fear of fear. While the side of me that enjoys spectacle loved the FX, costumes and creatures, when I realized they were EVERYWHERE, that everywhere I walked something was trying to scare me, I rapidly had to leave the park for fear if I didn’t, I would fear vomit everywhere, take a heart attack in that vomit, and then fear vomit some more. My husband was pissed.

Love – When I became a Mom, my pure love of crafting took a back seat to keeping a person alive. It made me sad – until my son’s first Halloween. He wanted to go as Super Grover. It was 2009 – that was not a costume I could buy.  I had to MAKE IT! For the last 10 years, Halloween has returned me back to my crafting roots as I chose to make my kid’s costumes as opposed to buying. The most notorious to date: a homemade hot dog costume. Then again, ask me what my eldest is wearing this year…

Hate – Like all celebrations, Halloween seems to come with a heck of a lot of unnecessary garbage and since I’ve been taking 3 kids out trick or treating for the past 2 years, the past 2 years I have felt sick seeing how much garbage the tradition creates. I hate the asshole who ruined Halloween for all by poisoning kid’s candy and making handmade, garbage free treats a faux pas. Sorry. No memory here, unless I time warp and give that guy a firm punch in the elbow and tell him to “Stop that”. I’ll edit this post when (WHEN) that happens.

Love – Oh, right: I got married at Halloween (October 30th, technically). My memory is scattered on a good day but I don’t believe it was a conscious choice to get married at Halloween – it was more about the availability of the venue we wanted. We knew we didn’t want a church wedding and instead chose a local museum, with its Gothic architecture and historic charm. My husband and I wore black and walked into the ceremony to The Imperial March. Quitter was my MC. She covered herself in devil red make-up and wore a blue dress. I have been told multiple times over it was the best wedding ever. The marriage hasn’t proven so bad either.

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