Quitter Says: Give A Damn And Vote

It’s voting time, there is tons to be afraid of…

…yes that’s right, it’s time to tie a piece of birch bark to a beaver here in the land of the moose and cast your vote for which hoser will lead Canadians into what may possibly be the worst time in history.

Despite my flip opening I take my voting responsibility quite seriously. It’s been the topic of conversation non-stop in our household for the last few weeks with my daughters grilling both myself and my partner, about candidates, party platforms and who we feel will lead our country best. I’ve never been more proud.

But I also take voting seriously because I know it is a privilege not afforded everyone, especially women. Just the other day I had an eye opening conversation with one of my oldest female friends who was close to tears when she spoke of voting and what it meant to her. She was adopted when she was very young from a country that still treats women as “less than,” where their voices don’t count as much as men. So to live in a country that supports a woman’s right to vote, to hold office, to lead, means everything to her. She reminded me of my privilege. Of what I have spent a lifetime taking for granted and that I dare not squander.

And my daughters’ questions and passion have reminded me of how important it is to care and to believe, that no matter how flawed our current political system is, it is what we have to work with and not voting is not an option. Apathy is not an option. Complacency is not an option.

Today we as Canadians decide who will lead us. Show up. Be heard. Give a damn. Care. Our very existence depends on it.





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2 thoughts on “Quitter Says: Give A Damn And Vote

  1. On post secondary campuses, they lure eligible voting students into the polling stations with baked goods.
    I think every polling station in Canada should offer free cupcakes.
    Just think about how the voter participation would increase.
    Now I want a cupcake (or two, or three).


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