Using Gratitude (By Bossy)

The spring of 2018 sucked.

We call it our families Olympics because every spring, our lives shift and go from a nice jaunt to two full months of a full sprint almost every day. In 2018, I was working more hours at my job plus juggling a 2, 5 and 11 year old but the real kicker was my husband went from a solid 40 hour work week to travelling for work and rarely home. Happens every spring.

When he was home, we were mean. So tired and so overwhelmed that the littlest peeve would set us off. Even the kids were experiencing it as my two boys would yell at each other for the smallest thing.

I don’t know how I had the clarity of mind to know we had to do something, but I did.

We tried talking it out, quiet dinners, even a “Jerk Jar” where if someone was mean to another for no apparent reason, you had to pay up to the Jerk. Nothing sustained.

Then – Gratitude Fridays. Simply, we all took a turn going around the table saying what we appreciated about each other. From that week, in general, didn’t matter. I was shocked how quickly it worked. Taking those 5 minutes to really see each other and knowing that even through these stressful months, we supported each other, accomplished what I had hoped. Bickering and anger subsided. Not entirely (we’re impassioned people), but a lot.

We recently took a break from Gratitude Fridays, by forgetfulness partially, but also because the cynical was coming out and there was a lot of sarcasm and eye rolling coming from the announcement it was time for “GRATITUDE FRIDAY” (ugh…Mom…). But this Thanksgiving weekend, I’m going to bring it back. Maybe just as a special holiday edition, maybe as a new revamp of the ritual, but I think we could use another round of thankfulness for each other.

Plus next spring ain’t that far away.

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

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