Climate March – By Bossy

I battle the conflict,

In myself and my surroundings.

Wanting change but not a fight.

The human swarm descends on the hill, as we pass 3 feet protesters collecting trash in concern; the scene makes me cry.

Sings join the mob; change is ascending.

And yet in this sea of 15,000, you walk into a familiar face. You have this together.

Chants, dances, costumed happiness, can we bring upon change?

The patience of a four year old steals the show. You realize all you can do today has been done.

You head to the train and are stopped by the next wave of people.

They are stopped for takeaway cups and bags of throwaway goodies, protest signs now rammed into garbage cans.

The point: unreceived.

But for this four, mission accomplished.

Action for action. 18,000 steps.

Photo by Harrison Moore on Unsplash

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