Climate Change & The Shitty State of the World – My Kid Blames Dudes

Yup. I said it. Feel free to let the hate mail start rolling in. But she has a point.

It’s pretty clear we’re all going to hell in a hand basket. So this week I’ve decided to cut to the chase and not mince words. The world is falling apart and, according to my daughter, men are to blame.

First I should probably let you know that my kid has super powers, so you might want to listen to her. Her developmental disability has given her this awe inspiring gift to say what others are afraid to say and to not worry about making people uncomfortable. It’s frightening and often cringe worthy, but so, so cool.

She used it on me a just few days ago during one of nightly walks together. Our last conversation was about her concern over the child bride situation in India, so I was prepared for potential heavy subject matter, but what she came up with left me sad and confused and angry.

She asked me why we were letting men destroy the world? She asked me why people like Donald Trump can be a leader when he hurts women, says terrible things about people who have different skin colours and puts kids in cages? She asked me why the man leading our country isn’t doing everything he can to protect our planet from dying? She asked me why the men who are bosses are saying the earth isn’t sick when we can all see that it is. She asked me why men are liars and hurt people and don’t seem to care. And why aren’t girls in charge?

And I didn’t have an answer.

And I still don’t.

But I have the same questions. And the best I can do is push for change and tell her it’s going to get better when deep down I wonder if it ever will. We can march and we can petition and we can vote and we scream for change. But it maybe/probably is too late. And I find myself wondering, just like my super powered daughter, would this all be happening if women had ruled the world?




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