Celebrating a Whole Year of Weirdness and Sharing

We did it! We made it to our one-year blog-aversary! Someone needs to tell Cool and the Gang they have to come out of retirement ‘cause it’s time to “Celebrate Good Times. Sh’mon!”

Quitter: Can you believe it? We’re actually here. We did something for a whole year together and are still friends. And unlike our blog personas I did not quit, and although you did do a hell of a lot of bossing, you also did a ton of just rolling with it and letting shit happen. I’m so proud. Yay us!

Bossy: Yes. I’m quite shocked we made it here too. Well I hoped we would, but it also felt eons away when we started.

Quitter: Fun fact. Our blog wasn’t always called “Quitter and Bossy.” In fact it started as “Two Chickens Lost in the Woods,” based on my ridiculous foray into backyard homesteading. But we soon realized the only people who might find us online would be people interested in homesteading or freaky individuals hoping to do weird things to chickens. So obviously we needed to rethink the whole name thing.

Bossy: Yes. And remember when I suggested Quitter vs Bossy and you thought people would then show up expecting aggressive wresting and that was off brand too. Or maybe we should have included more wrestling?

Quitter: Good note. Off brand wrestling would certainly bring our numbers up. Let’s put a pin in that thought for a few months so I can work on my upper body strength before committing to anything. So what has been you’re all time favourite post to write?

Bossy: That’s a tough one. I’m always shocked when something comes out of my brain that isn’t a grocery list or a mental grievance I have with a neighbor. I enjoyed writing the one where I bossed you into keeping me beautiful during a coma but then I think it only got 3 reads. No one likes coma talk. You?

Quitter: My all time fav post that I’ve written is a no brainer…”Pants Optional Friendship.” It’s where it all began for us, plus it got us all kind of weird looky-loos from pervs on the Internet hoping to see some friendly, pantless girl-on-girl action.

Bossy: Ha! Yes. Every time we get a new follower, that one gets a looksie too. It’s very misleading. Shame on us.

Quitter: But in all seriousness, I loved writing that post because it reminded me of what a weird start our friendship had. We didn’t even like each other in the beginning and now look at us. You’re like one of my favouritist people in the world. I may even like you as much as I like dogs and that is saying something.

Bossy: Please lie less. I know you like no one as much as you like dogs.

Quitter: This is true and also a testament to how well you know me. I like you almost as much as I like dogs. There. Happy?

Bossy:  Yes.  What have you liked the most that I’ve written?

Quitter: You’ve written a ton of stuff that I have loved, but I think the one that touched me the most was “Cry Boy.” You and I are having completely different parenting experiences. I have three older teen girls and you have young ‘uns, two boys and a girl. Watching you empower your boys to feel a range of emotions, to be vulnerable and thoughtful and empathetic is amazing. You and your gaggle of little peeps give me so much hope about the future. What about for me?

Bossy: Your post on your Dad. It was so vulnerable and honest and I was shocked at how brave and willing you were to put yourself out there. I still think a lot of my writing is guarded.  Was it hard for you to write?

Quitter: Yes. It was a really big deal for me to put that out there and I was pretty worried about how it would impact the people I loved. But I have no regrets. It helped me process the loss, even though it was almost two decades ago and it helped me let go of the shame and stigma I had been carrying around over my dad’s alcoholism and mental health struggles. It also opened the door for a lot of people to share their own stories about losing a loved one to addiction. I still cry every time I read it. I finally understand the term “bleeding on the page.” What was the hardest thing you’ve written so far?

Bossy: I actually haven’t shared it yet. Well, I think you’ve seen it, but I’m not ready to share it yet. Not quite sure if I ever will be.

Quitter: Okay enough heavy shit. So what’s been the most unexpected/fun outcome of this little blogging experiment for you?

Bossy: Realizing how much happier I am when I use writing to process. Anything, everything. Small, little, big, dumb. When I put it to page, I file it away better, even it I have to revisit it down the line. Oh, and that people actually read it. Like real people. Not bot people. And what about you?

Quitter: Again, easy answer. My friendship with you. We were “pal-sy,” before, but writing together and having you kick my ass on a weekly basis has pushed our friendship to the highest level possible with me, which as I mentioned earlier, is liking you as much as I like dogs. But all kidding aside. Having a writing partner has been unexpectedly fun and amazing and rewarding and just good. And having this blog together has been the same. Even if this blog never goes anywhere and the only people who continue to read it are my mom, our friend from college, my old high school friend and people hoping it’s lesbian erotica, it’s still been an awesome experience. Writing with you and putting myself out there has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. So thank you Bossy. Thank you for convincing me we should do this, for never letting me quit and for consistently telling me my writing could be better. I couldn’t ask for a better writing partner then you. Happy blog-aversary Bossy.

Bossy: Shit. You went to the full on feels zone. You’re cool too, Quitter. Thanks for being my creative hetero life mate. Happy blog-aversary.



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3 thoughts on “Celebrating a Whole Year of Weirdness and Sharing

  1. Happy blog-aversary indeed! I love your blog, look forward to it and it adds great JOY and/or challenge to Monday mornings. CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 Cindy, aka Mom

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  2. Had I of known, there would be some cupcakes involved to celebrate this milestone. I think you should commemorate the occasion and get a house pig.
    Even better – a house pig that likes cupcakes.
    If not, maybe get a tattoo of a pig eating a cupcake ?


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