The Mother Gene – by Bossy

I do not know you.

You shared a video of who you described as “your non-verbal, non-mobile” daughter.  She was walking, for the first time with her “Barbie pink walker”.

I won’t get to meet her, or you.  I won’t learn her name or have a tea at your house as you describe the terrifying unknown of parenting a child with a life-threating condition.  I won’t hold your hand as you cry or offer to bring over some ridiculous rom-com so you can “forget” for 90 minutes.

But I know you.  My cells are vibrating.

Like an invisible thread connecting my mother gene to yours, I can feel everything.  I maybe don’t fully understand it nor do I truly get what you are going through but there is something that I can grasp.  That energy, that light, connects us all and the empathy we feel for a mother’s pain or a daughter’s small triumph can be tangibly felt millions of miles away.

Nothing else need connect us except the shared reality of mother.

I weep for joy for your daughter’s triumph.  A smile breaks my face for you.

Motherhood is our common, silent language.  The invisible shared gene within us.  Gratitude for that gene.

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