The Tingle

Never. And I mean never, ignore the tingle…especially if it’s the tingle of adventure calling.

It’s happening. It’s finally happening. Adventure has been beckoning for what feels like years now, but I’ve been too wrapped up in family life, work, being responsible and other reasons to consider leaving my little corner of the world…until now.

My partner and I are heading off on 16 days of adventure that involves two countries, multiple flights and an upscale wedding that requires me to wear some kind of fancy thing-a-ma-bob on my head. (I don’t think I’ve ever RSVP’d to a nuptial event faster in my life. In retrospect I’m not overly sure that I even asked my husband if he wanted to go.)

No kids. No jobs. No day-to-day responsibilities. Just 16 days of new experiences. Hooray!

I do acknowledge that to some the idea of travelling in foreign countries for a few weeks with only a vague plan would be their worst nightmare, but to me it’s heaven. It’s gives me the tingles. (As does the thought of having a dog/pig rescue. I just haven’t quite figured out how to combine the two yet, but I’m open to ideas.)

I’m a born wanderer. Travel is in my blood and I’m happy to do it every chance I get. As shown in the picture for this post that was taken over twenty years ago in Prague. In fact, prior to meeting my partner, odds were on me never settling down and becoming a professional vagabond.

Why share all of this travel joy? Because sometimes grownup/family life can make you forget yourself. Because parenting and paying the bills and following through on what feels like endless commitments can snowball and before you know it you somehow find yourself at the finish line with only a vague recollection of what a “tingle,” actually feels like, a long list of things that you had wanted to do and an even longer list of regrets.

I don’t want this to be me. This can’t be me. This won’t be me.

So the lesson here is an obvious one. Never ignore the “tingle.” Sure it might be a bladder infection, a migraine or a limb that has gone to sleep, but it also just might be your subconscious reminding you of who you are.

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