Show Me Your Beaver…Please

It’s time to break out the stereotypes of what it is to be a Canadian and see if I measure up.

In my mid-twenties I was fortunate enough to get to do some travelling around Europe for a few months, just me and my giant backpack with a simple Canadian flag patch sewn to it. I’d heard from other people who’d done some travelling that identifying myself as a Canadian would carry a lot of favours when I was abroad. They weren’t wrong. Even in countries where there were language barriers many people would point to my bright, red maple leaf, say “Canada,” or “Eh,” and help me out.

I also had my fair share of silly questions thrown at me about the Canadian experience while abroad. Like do we have pet polar bears and sleep in igloos? But some of the questions, okay a lot of them actually rang true. The truth is, I’m about as Canadian as it gets and here’s the proof.

I Adore The Tragically Hip

I’ve seen them three times in concert. They were the sound track to my University years. I cannot listen to “Wheat Kings,” without balling my eyes out now. Gord, we miss ya buddy.

In High School I was on The Curling Team

You read that right. CURLING TEAM.

 I Know What Tim Horton’s Stands For

The man who founded it and is the name sake was a hockey player. Doesn’t everything relate to hockey in Canada?

I Have Seen a Ton of Moose

I grew up in Northern Ontario. They are everywhere up there. If you haven’t hit a moose with your parent’s car and then watched it get up and shake it off like nothing happened are you even from the North?

I Have Also Seen My Share of Beaver

Make of that what you will.

I Say “Sorry,” A Lot

It’s in our DNA to start almost every sentence with this word. Being polite is a national pass time. Sorry.

I’ve Watched Bears at the Dump on a Saturday Night

Okay, not sure if this one makes me a Canadian or a hillbilly, but it was something I loved getting to do with my dad as a kid. Again, I grew up in the North. We didn’t have a ton of things to entertain us up there beyond moose and bear.

I Can Sing “The Good Ol’ Hockey Game”

Oh Stompin’ Tom. This bloddy song brings a tear to my eye every gosh darn time I hear it. Reminds me of my Dad and simpler times. See? More Hockey?

I Know Who Bob and Doug MacKenzie Are

“Take Off ya hoser, eh.”

This list could go on and on, but I think I’m gonna go crank some Hip and kick back with some friends and debate whether it’s finally time for Don Cherry to retire.

Happy Canada Day eh!

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4 thoughts on “Show Me Your Beaver…Please

  1. Ah…sigh….going to the dump to see the bears…..
    Never did hear tell of anyone getting dismembered or decapitated.

    For some reason, the wolf tracks in our backyard did not faze me whatsoever.


    1. One of the many gifts of being Northern Peeps, wildlife seems common place…but also may have given us an unhealthy nonchalance about warning signs that we are about to be eaten. Small price to pay though.


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