June’s Here, Brain is Not

I have attempted to write this post 17 times.

Quitter and I have been on this little blogging experiment for 10 months now and in those 10 months, never had I struggled this hard to write something.  I have posts in waiting, but everything I read feels “meh” and everything I have attempted to write over the last week for this post has felt “mmmeeeehhhhh”.

If you are a parent of school aged children, I’m sure you know what’s up.

Yes, we may not have had our rumps in a seat and our brains were not stretched 6 different ways to cram in more material, but I still enter June feeling like my noggin’ goo had a serious workout.  Remembering lunches, extra curriculars, helping remember assignments, learn a second language, playdates, birthdays, school plays and lost mittens.

Oh!  And!  Hold down a job, hold down a household, pretend you like hanging out with friends (even though you do but MAN…one more thing!), volunteer for the all the things cause you care too much, stay on top of Game of Thrones.  And perhaps have sex with your spouse.  On a Tuesday.

I tired.

This last week, I needed a friend to remind me 3 times that I had a meeting at the school; I confirmed a get together at our house for the wrong date; I called a close friend by the wrong name; I needed to look up the definition of “debauchery”.

If my brain was making an audible sound, it would be: “Pfft…..pfft…..pffft…..pffft….pffft. pffft.”

Our society may have decided that our calendar year is January to December but for me and a lot of parent’s I know, June is an end, July and August are bonus months, September is the beginning.

So for all my parent friends out there who feel like they’ve got nothing else to give: I see you and I hear you.  Well sort of.  I physically see you and my ears can hear what you are saying but I’m retaining none of it.

Happy end of the school year, friends.  Pfft.

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “June’s Here, Brain is Not

  1. As a parent of a college student I feel the same ‘meeeeh’ about the my blog posts. You said something about next September??!! 😀


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