The Olympic events that Bossy would win gold

Not making enough pasta for dinner…

Emptying a change purse all over the floor, in different locations, but within the same day.

Being the last living soul still carrying a change purse.

Volunteering for all the things.

Setting off every alarm at airport security.

Feeling the emotion of guilt no less than 45 times a day, for varying and never overlapping reasons.

Feeling like an imposter in multiple parts of one life.

Making a damn good bowl of oatmeal.

Contorting ones body into a tiny pantry in order to eat candy out of eyesight of children.

Educating multiple strangers at varying times about avocados.

Making plans to create an awesome garden but come fall, having only managed to rake.

Starting a project that should take 2 hours to complete but is stretched out over 5 years.

Attracting the neediest person in a room.

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

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