Bossy’s Calm. Bossy’s Unsettled

The Things That Bring Me Calm

A snuggle and a Disney movie with my kids.

When I watch a cat preen.

Playing my ukulele even though I only know one song and not very well.

A cup of tea.

Reading any book that teaches quieting the mind.

Reading any book that reminds me about the miracle of life and the people who appreciate and act on it.

Spending time with people who also question and debate, in wonder, the complexities and simplicities of the world.



The Things That Unsettle Me

A chaotic laundry room.

When we are bystanders to violence.

The phrase “There is nothing that can be done.” 

Self-centred people.

Cooking around dirty dishes.

Thinking too deeply about my children.

Puppets with real hands.

Photo by SJPrice from Canva

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