The No Spoilers Movement

Bossy’s faith has been restored in humanity…sorta.

Like most people (presumably), I spend my evenings reading all the examples outlining why we’re pretty much short-sighted, uneducated, assholes.  And like most people (presumably) I go to bed feeling a mix of rage and sadness that prepares me for the next day with total dread.  But like some people (maybe) I tend to wake up brainstorming how I’m going to make a difference, cuz I suffer from a hero’s complex (presumably…could also be lack of focus).

Mercifully, my social media feed shifted after Endgame’s opening  / GOT’s return weekend giving me some much needed space from despair.  But what struck me quickly was the etiquette that had arisen.  If you were going to write about the movie or premier episode with any sort of detail, every post included a clear “spoilers” warning.

And this is what that no spoiler warning means to me.

It means I give a shit.  That my happiness in enjoying these pop culture moments does not supersede yours.  That I thought of you.  I don’t judge if you didn’t get to the theatre or couldn’t stay up till 9pm cuz you have to be at the office for 6.  I want you to enjoy this the same way I did, on your time with zero idea of what is to come.  We should all be able to enjoy suspense and surprise.

So often in my day I see examples of people living their lives like they live here alone, as they block off an entire shopping aisle with their cart or their car takes up 5 spaces.  Society cannot sustain on self-centred people and kindness is a currency not enough of us aim to accumulate.

Isn’t that the moral of Endgame?  To stop being an asshole to each other?  Don’t tell me.  I haven’t seen it.

Photo by mauRÍCIO santos on Unsplash

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4 thoughts on “The No Spoilers Movement

  1. Don’t even get me started on those assholes who have 12 items in the 10 or less line. Get. Out. Of. My. Way.


  2. A much-needed reminder that we need each other! More importantly, we need one another to be kind, to live kindness every day. For many of us who are fortunate to have a direct impact upon small humans, it behooves us to teach kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion.
    Consideration begins right there-at home and so many of us have a front row seat! Pass the popcorn, it’s gonna be a great show – especially if no one spoiled it for you! 🙂


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