Avenger’s Endgame Can Kiss My Butt

Nerd wrath be damned! (Oh and don’t worry there are no spoilers in this post at all. I didn’t even see the stupid movie.)

Uggghh! I mean it. Ugghhh! Tell me I am not the only person feeling this way about all the must see movies and TV shows and other media garbage being shoved down our collective throats. In all seriousness, if one more person attempts to engage me in conversation about GOT or Avengers Endgame using the words “important,” and “life changing,” I will chomp their face. That’s right. I will go all Walking Dead on their asses, (another show I refused to watch btw,) and get my zombie on.

Why such a strong response you ask? Wait for it…it’s a shocker….it’s because I’m old and jaded and tired and as hot as Chris Helmsworth is, no one, and I mean no one, is hot enough to make me watch a three hour long movie about comic book junk. Sorry Thor.

Okay, so now for a harsh truth, or as the young folks call it “spoiler alert.”

I’ve experienced “The Change.” (Cue dramatic music.) And one day you will too.

Just as my parents did and their parents before them, my state of consciousness has been altered. And by that I mean I no longer give a shit about pop culture.

And it’s wonderful. I didn’t get it before, but now I really do. You know how much mental space it takes to keep on top of that stuff? Well no more! Now I’m just playing the “old card,” and using my new found brain real estate to do things like learn to how to make my own jam and finally figure out how to cross stitch pillows with swear words on them. Anything is possible when you stop paying attention to everything going on around you.

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8 thoughts on “Avenger’s Endgame Can Kiss My Butt

  1. FYI, there is an FB group devoted to cross stitching stuff with swear words. It’s called Snarky Crafters.
    You need to join. Go – do it now. Don’t waste a moment.

    In other news, I have never seen one single episode of GOT or Walking Dead or any comic book/sci fi themed hero.

    We must remain united in our complete disinterest in pop culture.

    P.S. Your jam recipes intrigue me.

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    1. Snarky Crafters! Love it. I need to become a member. But wait, I hate joining things. Ugh. And you’re complete avoidance of pop culture just makes me admire you more. Perhaps a jam recipe should be my next my post.


  2. “You know how much mental space it takes to keep on top of that stuff? Well no more! ”
    …Preach!! Lol
    Except for Buffy. *Any* amount of bandwidth consumption is acceptable for Buffy. Chris Helmsworth isn’t even in her realm! Literally.

    Wait- is Buffy even considered pop culture anymore ? 🤔
    Yep. The “old card”, right here.


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