Quitter Gots the Spring Madness

I’m all kinds of a scrambly these days…okay more then usual. And it’s not just the over consumption of caffeine and lack of sleep. It’s SPRING!

I’ve really been struggling to sit down and write lately and I’ve decided to chalk it up to “Spring Madness.” Animals and children obviously experience it, so why can’t a middle-aged woman?

For me the trigger is seeing even the slightest hint of green. After months of being penned up in my house living my own version of Game of Thrones, spring makes me feel a sudden swell of energy and enthusiasm that propels me outside with a song in my heart and trowel in my hand. (It’s a heck of a visual. Trust me.)

I make all kinds of wild and crazy gardening plans and look up tons of weird shit on the internet convinced that I will grow everything and anything regardless of the stupid temperate zones on the seed labels. I dub myself the “Green Goddess,” and that bitch can make anything happen.

And that lasts about two weeks.

As Bossy can attest to, I am full of great ideas and excitement at the beginning of projects, but lack staying power. I know myself well enough now to admit that once I’ve made a plan and gotten the ball rolling, I tend to get bored. The actual drudgery of seeing something through has never been my strong suit. So often, okay always, the end result of all my “Spring Madness,” is a half dug up lawn, piles of rocks here and there and dying plants in pots that I forgot to water. Which leads to what I have come to refer to as the “Summer Malaise,” period.

But until then I will revel in my wacky plan to repurpose an old toilet into a groovy planter/social statement and find just the right spot to hide on my property when they by-law enforcement officer comes by looking to talk to someone about the giant mess in our front yard.

Photo credit: Deb Christensen at dyeingtobeyours.blogspot.com

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