We are all fools…now what? – A Quitter Rant

After the heaviness of March I really wanted my first post for April to be light and funny and full of whimsy and hope. I really did……but then Bossy suggested we write around the theme of April Fool’s and things took an unexpected turn for me.

The word “FOOL,” kept rolling around in my mind over and over as I watched the latest political tableau unfolding before me and I couldn’t shake my desire to rant and scream and beg people to stop being idiots.

So now I’m doing it here.

For the record it’s probably important that I identify myself as leaning far to the left politically and as someone who experiences a high degree of privilege from being a university educated, white, CIS gendered female in a hetero-normative relationship. (If your head started throbbing while reading that statement you might just want to stop now and go play Candy Crush or something like that.)

What this boils down to is that I’m considered “normal.” And, apart from being a woman, don’t have to spend my time worrying about prejudice or hate crimes or being wrongly identified as a terrorist. Which frees me up to think about things like the foolish decisions being made by the fuckwits in power.

I share this with you because it’s important to call out our biases. It helps us know where we’re coming from and why we might think and react the way we do. This was probably the single most important practice I took away from my time in post-secondary education. (Okay and a kickass cure for a hangover that I still use to this day.)

It’s a practice I wonder if the wealthy, white men in power have ever engaged in…oh wait that’s foolish, of course they haven’t.

So now to the rant.


And I mean that sincerely. What the fuck are the elected officials of this province and our neighbouring country thinking? How do they sleep at night? And how does any fool who voted for them not question their own sanity at this stage of the game? Think I’m over reacting? Really?

When elected officials are still questioning whether “climate change,” is an actual thing? FOOLS.

When our provincial government chooses to support big business over our most vulnerable populations and our children’s education? FOOLS.

When a government chooses a pipeline over drinking water and a sustainable future for the human race? FOOLS.

And when the rest of us sit idly by and say nothing and do nothing. WE ARE FOOLS.

This is no longer about personal politics or world economics or pointing fingers. Our planet is in crisis, children are becoming critically ill in first world countries from lead poisoning and filthy drinking water and a level of hate that hasn’t been seen since Hitler’s heyday is spreading like wildfire. And yet most of us say and do nothing.

How long can we afford to be this FOOLISH?

Wait. Don’t answer. You don’t have to. It’s already too late.

If only I could say this entire post was an April Fool’s joke.

Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

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