How To Write A Business Plan For Your Husband

Step 1: Take a book about creativity with you… on a business trip and have your boss perpetually make fun of you, saying that it’s “Dumb”.

Step 2: Trick your closest friend, who is also distracted by blink-y things, that she/he needs to go on a creative adventure with you.  Demand that you start by writing an award winning television series starring a person who will never, EVER give you the rights to her life.  Get past said roadblock by changing person’s screen name from “Shirley” to “Shwirley”.

Step 3: Take friend’s advice and abandon TV idea in the name of a more obtainable goal: A 6-part book series.  Claim it can be done in 4 days.

Step 4: Realize that all good things start with the words: We need a blog.  Throw all notebooks in the garbage to symbolize your commitment to this new venture.  Eat a bag of almonds until gastro-intestinally exhausted as a bodily sacrifice.

Step 5: Go on extended holiday.  Claim you will write by the hour.  Instead discover your love of spiced rum.

Step 6: While drinking, spend countless hours laughing out loud at the brilliance that is Jenny Lawson’s writing.  Demand husband read said book or you will have to spend the remaining part of your vacation attack pinching him.

Step 7: Applaud your husband’s astute observation that YES – your view of the world is very similar to Jenny Lawson’s and YES, perhaps you too should write.

Step 8: Slide your husband the visa bill with the WordPress charge highlighted in pink with a “Sign here” sticker attached, clarifying how this will one day be his retirement plan.

Step 9: Eat more almonds.

Step 10: Realize your husband is a softy, loves you endlessly and all your crazy pursuits and consequently you better actually write at least one damn thing.

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