Five Interesting Things You Never Needed To Know About Bossy

Like the acting, and the music playing and the bossing of playmates…

  1. I was an actor in a kid’s, cable access community show.

It was my local community’s rip-off of “You Can’t Do That On Television”.  I performed in 4 sketches.  Then it was cancelled.  A pending trial will one day publicly clear my name that it was my fault.

  1. My brother and I would recreate In Living Colour sketches.

There seems to be an acting thread happening here.  I promise I will break from it.  But after school when I was supposed to be “babysitting” my younger brother, I was instead forcing him to perform in my crazy sketches that were primarily based on Keenan Ivory Wayans.  Basically, I was culturally appropriating very early in my life.  Apparently gender appropriating too.

  1. I owned a lot of Barbie’s. A lot.

My Friday nights were hopping as of Grade 5.  I had a long standing date with my next door neighbor, who would come over and play endless amounts of Barbie’s with me.  She was a sweetheart but older, and likely grew sick of this wiener of an 8 year-old bossing her Friday nights and I don’t think it lasted more than a year.  But basically, I was sharing my love of Barbie’s, which was extensive.  So extensive that my parents began to buy me a collectable holiday Barbie that was meant for looking but not playing.  I amassed at least 20 before donating them to a charity.  I think my dislike for collecting started around this time.

  1. I Love Music But Suck At Sticking With It.

In grade school, I played the trumpet and then moved to the French horn on my teacher’s suggestion (it won me the upset of the school year when the class favorite, Sue, lost out on the Music Award for 1992 because of this horn blowing feign).  In High School, I played the keyboard and the clarinet (I got too heavy into drinking, smoking and fighting with friends for it to continue long).  In my mid-20’s, I took violin lessons (I was determined to learn the orchestral riff from November Rain).  Last year, for Christmas, I asked my husband to buy me a ukulele.  He obliged.  And I actually hope I’ll stick with it.  My blossoming band with Quitter depends on it.

  1. I Started Playing Soccer When I Was 10, And Still Play To This Day

It’s the one part of my personality that always felt misaligned.  I love competitive sports and soccer was my jam but there’s something about a person who views herself as creative but also loves to chase a ball like a lunatic that makes no sense to me.  In any event, even though I have twisted my ankles more times than I can count, have bruised almost every inch of my legs and once took a ball so hard to the face that I could barely talk the next day at work, I still turn out.  Last week, I told a teammate if I didn’t come to soccer and get my anger out, I likely would be at home punching Barbies.

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2 thoughts on “Five Interesting Things You Never Needed To Know About Bossy

  1. I didn’t have many barbies but I did have a Marie Osmond doll who for some reason was my favourite…..until I gave her an extremely unflattering hair cut. I didn’t like her anymore after that…..kind of like my grade 5 best friend, Krista.


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