Quitter’s Celebrity Crush

Like Bossy, I blame my husband for my celebrity crush. Had he not introduced me to the TV show “Smallville,” I would have happily carried on with my unhealthy habit of watching dog videos that make me cry and have known nothing of the physical perfection that is Tom Welling.

But oh no, he insisted on dragging me into his world of DC or Marvel or whatever the hell universe Superman comes from and now I have a ridiculously inappropriate crush on an actor that has appeared in almost nothing else. Thanks honey.

To add to the awkwardness of this situation, my oldest daughter started watching Smallville at the same time that I did and also developed a crush on T.W. Ewww! Mercifully it didn’t last long when I explained to her that he was old now. Like dad old. She quickly lost interest. (Close one. It would have been weird if we had to share him.)

Now I’m not overly proud to share this, but as many bored, middle-aged women do, I took to the internet to find out what I could about Mr. Welling.  And what I discovered, or rather didn’t discover both pleased and saddened me.

It turns out that there really isn’t much information about Tom Welling out there and this may be quite deliberate on his part. For whatever reason, Mr. Welling doesn’t seem to be interested in the spotlight or celebrity at all and presents as a normal, albeit very private, person. (We have so much in common.) Really, beyond a Wikipedia page and some old report about him divorcing his first wife, he’s a bit of a ghost. Which is kind of how I like it.

The truth is, the less I know about a celebrity the better because they almost inevitably fall short of the fantasy I’ve created in my mind. (I’m looking at you Jordan Knight of NKOTB.) More often then not they’re either self-involved and insecure or, worse yet, boring. That so doesn’t work for me. So as much as I wanted to find out more about the appealing and mysterious Tom Welling, I actually really appreciate that he doesn’t put himself out there.

That being said, he did do a recent-ish interview on his former cast mate’s podcast, which I cautiously decided to listen to. But I’m happy to report it didn’t disappoint. Tom really didn’t share all that much about himself, Rosenbaum did like 90% of the talking, which continues to allow delusional, middle-aged women like myself lots of room to fill in the blanks. Well-played Tom.

So until I am forced to watch some other endless superhero movie or TV series that sparks a new celebrity crush, I will continue to occasionally indulge in my Tom Welling fantasy where he is the very attractive and mysterious blank slate prepared to do my bidding. Oh ya, that’ll work.

(Image copyright Just Jared)

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3 thoughts on “Quitter’s Celebrity Crush

  1. What truly saddens me is when I look up (aka research) my beloved 80’s hairband rock gods – only to find out what a bald, obese, wrinkled train wreck they have become.
    Or they’re dead.


    1. The key is to never look them up past their peak. Fortunately for me T.W. (that’s what I call him in my mind, cause we’re close like that,) has done pretty well in the aging department. But ya, anyone from Motley Crue, Guns and Roses or Poison is a major disappointment.


  2. Alas what could have been for Axl and I…..had he even known I existed on the planet.
    Possibly there is still hope for you and TW.


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