Our Dill Pickle Friendship

So Quitter went all rogue-lovey with her Sandwich Post and has now bossed me into gushing back…. 

I told her “No” – only I must wear the bossing pants in this friendship, but then she reminded me of logic and the flow of this blog, and I said, “Sigh”.

But here goes my spiel.

My husband does the opposite of Quitter: he complains I ram too much and too many people into my schedule and that I need to cull it all immediately and sit on the couch with him to watch Blacklist.  It’s a solid argument but I oddly can’t seem to function on slow so instead I fill my calendar to the brim and rarely see my favorite-est people more than once a year because they are ALL my favorite-est.

But Quitter – I would happily block large quantities of time to just hang out.

I’m still trying to remember when I realized Quitter needed to be my friend or if I even realized it consciously but this process of writing together has brought a lot of solid memories back of when I think the roots of our friendship tree really started to dig deep (high 5 for symbolism).

One such memory was when I was dealing with some heavy news.  She schlepped her and two of her three beans five hours to where we lived to hang out for a week. The nightly ritual became to put our kids to bed, put on “Flight of the Conchords” and eat dill pickle chips.  Every single night.  For an entire week, and then a little longer when Quitter decided to stay 3 more days.

Those chips are still a pretty solid connective tissue to our friendship, though Quitter is currently being all healthy and rubbish by eating root-based vegetable chips but we all know where her heart Lays (yes…I did just pun it up).

It was such a difficult time for me on a personal level but looking back now, I know that week provided me with a boost of confidence, energy and humour that I really needed to endeavor through such a shitty time.

So yes – I wrote this blog under duress but really my affinity for Quitter will continue to come out in these writings.  She is too awesome to encapsulate in one blog.  It will take several.  You too will be searching out your own dill pickle chip friend.  We all need one.  I’m grateful for mine.

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4 thoughts on “Our Dill Pickle Friendship

  1. I can’t stand dill pickle chips. Would it be socially acceptable if I sought out a Smoky Bacon chip friend ?
    Or would that be an unspoken faux pas ???


  2. This is ridiculous. Everyone knows the best friendship chips are Doritos…..just make sure you find the soggy chip eater for after you lick off all the delicious powder. I’ve lost many a friend once they found out I wasn’t down with eating the soggy chip.


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