Friendship Sandwich

Bossy, be forewarned, it’s happening again. I am about to put some gooey feelings into words.

I know it makes us both uncomfortable and I would rarely say this in person unless I’d had some serious fizzy wine, but sometimes you just gotta go with it.

My partner pointed out to me recently that I don’t actually spend a lot of time with friends and he finds that a little weird. I think I countered with something like “people suck,” and flipped him the bird, but eventually I conceded that he might have a point.

And then I thought of Bossy. She is the exception to my “people suck,” rule. She is great. She is someone I willingly spend time with to the exclusion of most other people.

And here’s why. Bossy gets me. Without me ever having to go into lengthy explanations about my weirdness, or some of the heavy shit in my life, she just gets me and makes me feel okay. Sometimes we talk about it and sometimes we don’t and I don’t ever feel any pressure either way. And when she chooses to enter the share circle and tell me about her heavy stuff, it’s never in a “Quitter please rescue me,” kind of way, but more in the “I want to hear what you think,” vein. It’s both foreign and wonderful to be friends with such an emotionally healthy human being.

And then there are the practicalities of our friendship and our writing partnership that I value. Bossy is a doer and I am dreamer. She’s definitely the protein and I am the sugar in this friendship sandwich. Sure I have all kinds of funny, cockamamie ideas, but Bossy is the one who reigns me in and gives us direction. Don’t get me wrong, Bossy brings all kinds of crazy to the table too, she’s just able to channel it in a productive way where as I go off on tangents and end up playing the ukulele all day. (I am so the jam in this friendship sandwich.) But combined we work really well together.

So thank you Bossy for being my peanut butter, for stealthy inserting yourself into my life and becoming one of the few people I would honestly call my “friend,” and encouraging me to do this blog with you. It continues to be a wild and wonderful ride.

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