Learning About Bossy’s Innards 

Kinda gooey…

Quitter was the one who introduced me to the idea of a personality test, specifically the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  It was developed by a mother/daughter team using the works of C.G. Jung, who theorized that each person has a psychological type which shapes how individuals use their perception and judgment.  Yes – I barely understand it either.   

You can find truncated versions of these tests online and it will give you a snapshot of who you are as a person.

Turns out I am an introvert in an extroverts, wolfy clothing.

Here’s a snapshot of what the test revealed for me:

  1. I am an INFJ (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging). I should have just stopped there, tattoo’d that acronym to my forehead and called it a day.
  2. I have a humanitarian outlook (looking more towards the cause than how I can use it for political or personal gain), have a preference for closure and completion (darn right…you ever seen that scene in Billy Madison where Adam Sandler calls up to apologize to Steve Buscemi for treating him like shit when they were both kids? That’s me…except I’ve been using Facebook instead of the phone), and I take on a disproportionate amount of responsibility (that is for another post).
  3. While juggling all that responsibility, I can suddenly feel the need to withdraw into myself and shut out everyone, even closest friends and family. It’s like a protective shield I can feel building around myself.  Sometimes it comes out in being super angry with everyone.  Sometimes I just stop talking.
  4. INFJ’s have strong writing skills (so no…you aren’t wasting your coffee break by reading this junk. I write good.  Computer said.)
  5. Apparently I should be a religious leader (I WILL be revisiting this) BUT can be exceptionally difficult to pigeonhole into a career path.
  6. I have very clear insights into the motivations of others – good and evil. This one I didn’t know was a thing but yah…not to back-pat for anything but I did feel like I know what’s up with your shit.  Problem with this trait is…
  7. It makes me very empathetic. I cry.  A lot.

Taking this test was a huge eye opener and actually validated a lot of my feelings for the last 40ish years.

Like Quitter, it leaves you with the label of, well, weird.

And while I usually fight off labels (like a person who is being swarmed by bees), this label felt validating and comforting.

I may just have to get that tattoo.

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