Pants Optional Friendship

A platonic friendship can start from no pants…

Get ready Bossy, because I am about to embarrass you. Yup, I’m gonna get all mushy and gooey and share a memory from our early days together that was pivotal in why I decided to be friends with you. It’s going to be uncomfortable for both of us, but just lean into it and feel the love.

For the record I want to state that I am not a friend collector. As someone who thrives on being alone, it takes a lot to stake a claim on some of my time. Which means you have to be pretty f’ing awesome to make the cut. (Good news Bossy, you made it.)

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a friend snob. I just hate small talk and really struggle with the typical demands of friendship that require lots of contact and talking. If you are the kind of person who needs to touch base daily with your friends, I am so not your gal. But if you’re cool with going weeks, sometimes even months at a time, without hearing from me or only communicating with me via text or email, then it’s a match. (Bossy gets it.)

And even if you do get all of my strange “minimal contact,” rules, there are bunch of other boxes that have to be ticked off before I will consider you a friend, let alone a good friend.

Fortunately for me, Bossy has some how checked off all my boxes and managed to sneak attack her way into a friendship with me. (Honestly, without me even really being aware of it, she has sky rocketed her way to the top of my friend list just by being the magnificently cool person she is. Stop blushing Bossy you know it’s true.)

And now to the embarrassing Bossy memory. Hooray!

It may surprise some of you to know this, but when Bossy and I first met it wasn’t friendship at first sight. In fact, I kind of thought she was uptight and way too “A type,” for us to be friends. (Which I now know is only half true.) It wasn’t until I convinced her to go pantless on television that I was forced to rethink my position on being friends with her.

As we’ve mentioned before, Bossy and I met twenty years ago in college in our second year of a TV Production program. It was a weird time in our lives. The workload was insane, but the opportunities to be creative and weird were endless, which I loved. So while other people were working on demo reels and serious topics, I decided to go off the creative deep end for one of my projects and created a talk show featuring idiotic guests, including “K-dot for a Pants Free Nation,” aka Bossy.

And she went for it. I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised. This was now a few months into us knowing each other, and I had started to see some hints of serious wackiness under her superstar exterior. (Bossy was a super achiever in that program and has the award to prove it btw.)

I still remember my sides hurting from laughing as I watched the monitors with a pantless Bossy explaining how pants not only constricted our bodies, but our minds. She was really selling it, and all with a straight face.

And that was it. In that ridiculous moment I knew we were going to be friends. Good friends. Anyone willing to be that silly in front of their peers and teachers for a laugh had to be all kinds of awesome. And she was and still is.

You see, although Bossy is very together and brilliant and driven and deep, she also has a killer sense of humour and is never afraid to laugh at herself or take a chance. How could you not be friends with someone like that?

And so now, twenty years later, here we are again together, creating something fun and wonderful and wacky and deep all because she was willing to take off her pants.

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5 thoughts on “Pants Optional Friendship

  1. Great story! The last sentence really hit home for me; I can’t even begin to tell you how many deep things happened from a willingness to take off my pants….


  2. so….inviting you over for tea to catch up on the last 35 years isn’t going to happen ???
    There would be cupcakes too. Good cupcakes. Not shitty dry bland cupcakes.


      1. I’m guessing that time window will not give us an opportunity to review and reminisce the collection of photos I have of you sporting mid 1970s to late 1980s fashion attempts ???


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