Moose Wrestling for Beginners – Intro to Quitter

Uggh! Fine! I’ll enter the stupid share circle and talk about myself.

But I’m not going to like it. Much like Bossy, despite having a blog that shares our lives, I don’t overly enjoy talking about myself. I like bringing the funny and over analyzing life, but real stuff about me is not my comfort zone. Oh well, if it will appease the almighty “inter-ma-net,” and get Bossy off of my back, I’ll do it.

I grew up in a very small Northern Ontario town in Canada. And by very small I mean there were two people in my high school graduating class. You can imagine that made our prom a little awkward, but some how we made it work. The theme was “It Takes Two.” (I’m joking of course, there was no prom, instead we did what all Northern Canadian high school graduates did, get blindingly drunk and moose wrestle.)

My childhood was typical in some ways and not in others. My father worked a blue-collar job at the local pulp and paper mill while my mom stayed home to raise my two brothers and I. I was the middle child, which some people say explains a lot. I’ll take that as compliment rather then the dig I know it is meant to be.

I engaged in the things that most kids do growing up like skating, swimming, shooting rifles, but as one of very few English-speaking families in a very French town, I was always seen as an outsider. Which was cool with me, because I knew pretty early on that I was weird and not a huge fan of people.

I did okayish in school. Again, not a ton of peers to be compared to helped me look way smarter then I was/am. But my choices upon graduation were pretty limited. I could go to work with my dad at the pulp and paper mill, get pregnant, or leave. I chose to leave. So off to University in the big city of Ottawa I went with no real clue of what I wanted to do with my life other then to get out of the small town I was living in.

University was a mix of great and super shitty for me. I started out strong, but by my second year was not making the best choices for myself. My mother often says I majored in partying and she’s probably right. I took the less popular five-year route to finish a three year-degree in English Lit degree and paid for it all with student loans. Not my brightest move. Still I wouldn’t change it. I met some of my closest friends there and learned a lot of things, most of them legal, that they don’t teach you in lecture halls.

Still clueless as to what I wanted to do with my life, I took off to British Columbia with no real plan and bounced around crappy jobs for two years until home sickness drove me back to Ontario where I enrolled in the college program that led me to Bossy. And although we didn’t become “insta,” friends in the program, (she was way too A type and I was busy doing my own thing,) it was a connection that would change the course of my life.

Fast forward a few years to me marrying some random guy I met on the internet, adopting a bunch of kids, going back to school for a complete career change in my forties and having a backyard full of deer, beehives and chickens and you’re pretty much up to date.

Okay, maybe not quite, but it’s a start. The more you read, the more you’ll know and likely the more questions you may have. The truth is, despite my protestations about entering the “share circle,” I kind of dig it. I like engaging in a process that lets other people know they are not alone and may even give them a laugh or two.

So if reading the rantings of a somewhat scattered, impulsive, moose wrestling, Northern girl who has somehow horn-swaggled a super hilarious, insanely organized and intelligent woman into being her closest friend (aka Bossy) is your jam, then read on.

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