Here’s Bossy…

A Sudo-True Intro By Quitter

It has been brought to our attention that some people of the “inter-ma-net,” may want to know a little more about us. In fact, we have actually received comments like “Who are you people?” and “What is up with these women?”

So rather then ignore the inquisitive rumblings of cyberspace, we have chosen to enter the share circle and tell you a little bit about ourselves…or more accurately, tell you a bit about each other. (Which should be interesting, because frankly how well do any of us know anyone?)

Here is some information that I am 62% sure is accurate about Bossy:

* She eats healthier then any other human being I have encountered in my life. (As I type this she is eating some kind of sundried thing on a gluten free crispy thing-a-ma-doo.)

* Her karaoke version of “Living on a Prayer,” is epic. The thing about Bossy is that she commits. Even if she’s wildly off key, she just really sells it. It’s a thing of wonder.

* She is a super committed mama. Bossy is the mom we all aspire to be. She bakes, she volunteers, she actually listens when her kids yell “Mom!”

* She listens to old people radio stations. Like talk radio and other stuff where you might learn something. (Boooooo!)

* She cares. About everything. The earth. Poverty. Chemicals in food. The length of people’s toenails. The future. (Life hasn’t beaten her down just yet.)

* She throws a killer party. Before we all became boring grown ups with kids and food intolerances, Bossy and her partner would throw a yearly festive bash that would be talked about for the rest of the year. The food would be awesome, the games would be crazy and the embarrassment would be life long.

* She used to be a big deal. At one time in her life Bossy was climbing the ladder of success in her chosen profession. Everyone knew that she was “the one to watch.” And then she walked away from it. (Which makes her an even bigger deal in my books.)

* She doesn’t put up with BS. Bossy may seem like a chill, mild-mannered woman of the world, but you do not want to mess with her. She has lines in the sand you do not want to cross.

* She has a super old cat named after a Simpson’s character that is roughly the size of a large opossum and joins us for all of our writing sessions.

* She is not a serial killer…or not anymore, as far as I can tell.

And that’s it really. Turns out Bossy is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a chocolatey candy coating that I know very little about. Maybe I should start reading her stuff on this blog to get to know her better.

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