Top 10 Current Reasons That…

…I Enjoy My Friendship With Bossy.

  1. She speaks in random half sentences. This keeps me on my toes, and also makes me feel not as bad about my half finished thoughts.
  2. She has the best laugh. It’s loud. It’s crazy. It can halt all surrounding conversations mid-stream and just generally makes me feel like I’m the funniest human alive.
  3. She shares my tiny house obsession. The dream is tiny, but real.
  4. She is sometimes a scattered, over-committed mess. We have this in common. We may start a club. S.O.C.M.M.A (Scattered, Over-Committed, Mothers who are a Mess Anonymous. The name may need some work.)
  5. She always has snacks. They are usually healthy and lacking the chip/gummy consistency I generally prefer, but I feel like I would never die of starvation if I found myself in an emergency situation with Bossy.
  6. Her kids are hilarious. She and her partner have created short people that I genuinely enjoy and at least two of them exhibit the “Bossy,” gene.
  7. She thinks nothing of me wearing a unicorn horn during our writing sessions together. And if she does, she is polite enough not to say anything about it.
  8. She makes us do fun things. I like to talk about doing cool and interesting things, but rarely follow through. Bossy does the important stuff like book accommodations and boss me about dates and other grown up stuff.
  9. She got on the ukulele bandwagon. And now, after several months of non-stop rockin’ we can actually play a full song together. So obviously we consider ourselves a band and are planning a tour.
  10. She does kind things like buy me belated birthday presents and then admits to forgetting to bring them and then also admits to not knowing exactly where she put said birthday present. They say it’s the thought that counts, but that’s crap. Her friendship status hangs in the balance. If it’s something non-gummy related I’m not sure she’ll make the cut.

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