Top 10 Current Reasons Why…

… I Appreciate My Friendship With Quitter.

  1. She is currently working with all seriousness, adorning a unicorn horn.
  2. She is way smarter than me and usually knows the answers to all of my problems, which aren’t many. Maybe she’s just lazy with the sharing and thusly I’m holding back on the problems.
  3. She understands my directionless yet motivated-self way better than anyone else.
  4. Whenever I’m questioning a counter-culture choice I’m making, there is a pretty good chance she made it first and gives me strength and license to persevere.
  5. She is the funniest person I know.
  6. She just took a picture of my container of discarded edamame shells without explaining why OR asking permission. That’s friendship.
  7. She encouraged me to start jamming with the ukulele, reuniting my love of playing an instrument, which I forgot about during the period known as “Identity Losing Motherhood”.
  8. I know that all of my best future adventures will be because she suggested/forced/tricked me into them.
  9. She was willing to embark on this crazy, not goal oriented adventure called “creativity”.
  10. She comes with zero drama and zero judginess.
  11. She won’t question why I completed this list by going to 11. Cuz I wanted to.  She would support that choice.  She would tell me to own it.  I’m owning this damn 11.
  12. So she should would politely suggest I’m being self-centred cuz I went to 12.  I would take that criticism because it came from her.  Anyone else saying it would force me into a stoney silence and a look that says “stab”.
  13. She will understand why I say this list is a work in progress and that while I figure myself out, I will also continue to figure out why I chose the people in my life that I do. She’s already chosen.  And it’s an exclusive list.

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