Life is hard and wonderful and shitty and weird and fantastic and then back to hard and shitty. Well, at least that’s the conclusion we have come to in the two decades that we’ve known each other.  Sure this may not have been the answer we would’ve given each other all those years ago when we first met in college, but time (and cancer and infertility and marrying a virtual stranger and kids and parents dying and big jobs and walking away from big jobs and life in general,) have a way of knocking some sense into you.

Are we now vessels of wisdom and knowledge? Ah, no.  But we’re real, painfully and hilariously real, and open to sharing the delightful, chaotic mess that is our lives and our friendship.

We hope you laugh, cry and enjoy occasionally being side swiped by random feelings.

Mostly, we hope you find a bit of you here.

Quitter & Bossy

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